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Welcome, my love




true detective

game of thrones


Lovestruck Country



The Portrait of the portrait of dorian grey pt 1
Narrator: You


There is this book, that shits called the portrait of Dorian grey and its fire af.
i mean as a book the shit is hilarious but when you listen to the audiobook, its sad af for some reason bro.
But anyway BA$IL is like the best painter ever and shit, and he got a friend named Arthur or Arnold or something like that and he is...
 spoiler alert,
a dick.
so Dorian grey is portrayed as this angelic beautiful innocent guy and basil is honored to paint him and shit,
but while he does it,

hereeeeee this niggaaaa 
(just because you are the narrator doesn't mean you can say nigga) gooooooo!...

fucking "Arnold"... starts talking shit like yooooo Dorian you are sexy and all that but when you get older you are gonna become pretty dusty, and this dude Dorian starts crying and all that like:

"i wish this painting aged and not me"

and thats what happens.

Dorian doesnt age but him in the painting does, but also, all his sins show up on his painting as well.

he grows up to be an asshole like arthur and then he fuckin kills basil and shit


but im like, nahaaaaaaaah im not buying it, cool book bro, but naaaaaaaaah this nigga BASIL is magic! he painted the shit ! why is the book not about him?,

Dorian grey didnt do shit he was born with literally everything he had and then even got a magic painting of him that gave him eternal youth and all he was doing was crying.


so this album is an ode to BA$IL and all the fire creators alike.

we make the magic while these nerd jocks steal our thunder lol.

i told you a story about a story and they might even both be cool, but the story you came up with in your head , hands down an iconic, master piece.

this album is for people like WE.

if you dont know what i mean then you gotta gooo


Album Bio:


GOLDEN BABY BA$IL is an album i sold for 444.44 i told everyone i knew if i sold 4, i'd drop it for free everywhere and give them my next album. ive sold 4 and spent the money hiring various artists and etc for the album artwork, and other things that i will slowly explain as time goes. all the money went back into the album.